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Lightning gave a small groan as she leaned back in her chair, smiling warmly at her sister, who had cooked the night's meal.

"Thank you Serah, it was delicious."

Serah smiled at that and nodded before her eyes gleamed and she pressed forward a bit, reaching out a hand and poking Lightning's middle, which was full of said delicious meal. Lightning batted her sister's finger away after the first poke.

"What are you doing?" Lightning asked, a shocked look across her face.

"Sorry Claire, you look so cute with that pudge around your middle!" Serah exclaimed excitedly.

Snow, who had been contending with his own full stomach, leaned forward at this and glanced at his sister-in-law's stomach. It was quite round and stuck out more than bit from under her shirt.

"Yeah, it is kinda cute Light," he said as his usual goofy smile crossed his face.

Lightning glared at Snow though her cheeks turned just a shade redder at the comment.

"It just means that I have to put an extra half-hour in during training," she commented, now looking down at her full gut.

"Who wants dessert?" Serah put in a few moments later, bringing out a truly massive pie. Lightning gave a small groan once more. Make that an extra hour, she reminded herself as Serah started to dish out the pie.
Serah was disappointed to see that Lightning's rigorous training routine had removed that cute pudge from her middle within a matter of days. In her opinion, Lightning was simply far too thin for her liking, and she did worry about her older sister not getting enough to eat. Serah sighed as she looked up from her studying, far too distracted to carry on with her work when Lightning was on the front of her mind. Her sister had looked adorable with that small bulge of fat, Serah thought to herself, tapping her pencil against her lower lip. She would look even cuter with more fat on her. Pushing her study papers to the side, Serah stood up, looking through to the kitchen with a slowly growing smile.

It was simple. Lightning ate dinner with them every night of the week, and that was going to be the one meal Serah was going to have to focus on. She would pack every meal so full of empty calories that her sister's pudginess would not only return, but grow, if Serah had her own way. Her sister would be fat and happy… well not that happy, her sister was the infamous Lightning after all, but Serah was going to try her best to get her to fill out more. Her studying forgotten, Serah pulled out every cooking book that they owned, looking up only the most fattening and calorie laden dishes she could to make for dinner over the following week.

And Serah was delighted to see, come day seven of her little experiment, that it had worked. Her sister's pudge at her middle had grown into a full blown pot belly that strained at the buttons of her shirt, creases lining the material where it was struggling to hold onto the fat pressing against it. The fat had spread ever so slightly to Lightning's arms and legs, making them far softer than before. Even her face was fuller, Serah noticed with an excited gasp, and that was just the result of one week!

The only slight drawback was, as Serah looked down at her own chubby stomach with a sheepish smile, that the plan was affecting her too. Snow got away with it easily, being a muscled man he burnt off calories easily, but Serah was slight, and slender, and was packing the pounds away just like her sister. She smiled as she attempted to tuck her stomach back underneath her top, choosing to ignore it as it popped out again while she leant over to start making another set of fattening dishes for the next week.
A few more weeks of feeding Lightning and the Guardian Corps soldier was definitely not as thin as she used to be. Serah's plan had been a resounding success so far and it showed in Lightning's now much thicker figure. Her normal outfit was getting much too tight to wear, the buttons on the jacket straining around her growing breasts, easily reaching a C cup. Lightning's once thin, stern face had collected its own share of weight, with slightly fatter cheeks and a small double chin appearing. This had the effect of making the soldier seem much less threatening. Farther down her stomach has grown fatter and rounder, her gut pushing its way out of the gap between the bottoms of her jacket. Her bellybutton piercing was starting to become lost in the cavernous hole of her fat stomach.

Lightning's hips and ass had also collected a fair share of the extra pounds, creating a little more of a sway as she walked. Her skirt was woefully tight around her waist causing quite the generous muffintop to spill over the waistband. Her expanding rear and thicker thighs had made her discard the tight shorts she would wear under her skirt, choosing to just wear her undies which at this point were slowly shrinking as well, her big bum devouring them slightly and creating a thong. Lightning must have added a good 20-30 pounds thanks to her sister's cooking.

If anyone else was in her situation, they would have realized they were gaining weight and proceeded to watch what they eat. Lightning however was in pure denial, blaming all her shrinking clothes on her washer.

"Stupid... skirt. Come on!" she exclaimed one sunny morning as she attempted to get dressed to visit her sister. She had been fighting with her much too small clothes for the past 15 minutes, managing somehow to get her bra and jacket on despite the resistant from her fatter upper body. Now she was having trouble getting her small skirt over her much fatter rump. She tugged and pulled, hoping that it would somehow magically fit. After much struggling the skirt began to inch its way up her butt, eventually covering her rear... or so she had thought. The skirt was much to short at this point for her large hindquarters and thus a tiny bit of each buttcheek showed up under it. Lightning failed to notice this as she was in a rush to get over to her sister's for a delicious breakfast Serah had said she prepared.
As Lighting continued on her way to Serah's, she remained ignorant to the stares of passersby. By the time she made it to Serah's front door, the solider was out of breath, the walk taking more out of her than she remembered.

But she just chalked that up to exhaustion from training a few days ago and waited for her sister to answer. When she did, Lightning's eyes widened a bit. Serah was fat! Well, maybe not fat, but she was certainly more round than before, with a bit of a belly and a chubbier face. Still, she seemed to acknowledge and accept her weight and Lightning decided not to bring it up.

Her little sister was happy and that was all that mattered. Serah, on the other hand, was overjoyed at how big Lightning was getting. The extra jiggle in Lightning's middle, the way her thighs were about to touch, it was all making her big sister look so cute to her! Smiling at Lightning, Serah moved aside to let her in and watched as Lightning's rounder butt jostled here and there as she walked. By the time Serah's entire plan wrapped up, she'd make sure that her big sister needed more than one chair to contain that butt!
Not wasting any time getting to the kitchen, Lightning saw immediately the food Serah had prepared. It looked as though it was enough to feed a small army. Serah however had cooked it all for one single soldier. Stacks of pancakes, buttery french toast, buttery regular toast, bacon and sausage were just some of the things that made up the feast. Just as Lightning was about to grab a plate and serve herself, Serah rushed passed her.

"Let me get that for you sis!" she said excitedly. Loading up the plate with all manner of foods, she set it down in front of Lightning who began to dig in heartily, her expanded size adding a much more voracious appetite. Serah fulled up her own plate with food, though not as much as her sisters, and munched happily while watching her sister devour everything on her plate.

Soon Lightning's plate was clear and she was stuffed to the brim. Leaning back and rubbing her stomach she was about to thank Serah for the meal when Serah jumped up.

"You're not done are you?!" Serah said, a look of anguish on her face. While it was true Lightning had consumed far more than the normal person, Serah desired her to eat more.

"Serah, I think I've had enough for now. Anymore and my stomach will explode!" Lightning said, the prospect of eating more making her a little sick at the moment.

"Nonsense Sis. You've barely had anything. Here have some more bacon. I insist," Serah said in a delighted tone as she loaded up Lightning's plate with more food. Lightning couldn't say no to her sister, try as she might. So she pressed on eating the bacon which led to more pancakes drenched in syrup, in turn going on to more french toast until eventually Lightning had eaten everything her sister had prepared.

Stuffed beyond belief, Lightning walked over to the couch with a slight waddle and almost instantly fell asleep due the massive amount of food in her stomach. Serah was beyond pleased as how much Light had eaten and was exited at where all the pounds would end up on her gaining sister's frame.

Soon another food filled week had passed quickly for Lightning and thus 25 more pounds had crept up on her frame. Her outfit finally lost the battle with her expanding body one morning as she attempted to get dressed to go to work. Straining to buckle up her jacket it finally closed, although it was exceptionally tight with her D cup breasts bulging out. Her now much fatter stomach was pushing outwards a little more, much more obvious as it crept out from the gap in between her jacket. As Lightning tried desperately to pull her skirt up over her plumper bottom she heard a loud tearing sound.


The side of the skirt had ripped straight down making it unwearable. Lightning gasped at this and was about to chalk it up to more laundry issues when the buttons on her jacket had had enough. One by one the straps burst open, leaving her jacket on the floor and her in nothing but her much too tight panties and straining bra. As Lightning walked to her full length mirror to see what the issue was, the realization of what caused her clothes to rip hit her with the force of all the weight she had gained.

"Oh my god..... I'm huge!" she exclaimed disbelief washing over her chubby face.
Lightning got rid of her ruined clothes with the least amount of emotion possible, picking up a pair of sweat pants from an online store. These would be her new clothes from now on, a mark of shame and something to spur her on in her exercising to lose this excess weight.

For days Lightning pushed herself, running miles, jumping rope, sparring at the Corps headquarters. But the nights were the issue, especially the nights when Lightning would go over to Serah's, to be stuffed to the brim by her own appetite and her sister, making the sweats tighter.

Still Lightning pressed on but the results created more of a yo-yo effect than significant weight loss. One pound lost, two pounds gained, two pounds lost, four pounds gained, and on and on it went until Lighting bent over one day to try and touch her toes for her daily stretches. A loud tearing sound pierced the air, stitches screaming in agony from what Lightning's lower half had done.

Her butt had destroyed her sweatpants, her underwear just barely hanging on for dear life, and she realized how impossible it was to touch her toes with her big gut in the way. Venting her anger at herself with a cry of rage, Lightning sunk to the floor, tears staining her fat face as she bawled.
"Light? Are you home?" Serah said as she opened the door to her sister's place. She had barely removed her shoes when she heard her sister's tearful sobs from upstairs. Moving as fast as her chubby body could, Serah walked in to find a tearful Lightning sitting on the floor, a pair of destroyed sweats next to her.

"Oh my gosh sis what's wrong?" Serah said faking shock, but deep down she knew what was causing her sister's breakdown.

"I'm so fat now! and I can't stop eating it seems. I try to work out and I even bought those sweats so I could encourage myself to slim down. Now I've gotten too big for even them! I was bending down to touch my toes and my gigantic ass ripped straight through them!" Lightning said as she got up and smacked her big ass in front of Serah. Serah was more than excited by this but tried to keep her composure. She had a problem to deal with here.

Think Serah! There has to be a way to make her feel better but also keep her gaining. Serah pondered to herself, desperately racking her brain for ideas. Then it came to her. Super ice cream supreme! When they were kids and their parents were still alive, Serah and Lightning's mom would make what was called a super ice cream supreme for them whenever they were upset. Hoping that Lightning's realization of her weight gain wouldn't damper her love for this treat, Serah attempted to kill two birds with one stone.

"I think someone is in need of a Super Ice Cream Supreme!" she said a huge smile cracking on her face.

Lightning seemed to perk up slightly at this. She stopped crying and wiped away her tears as memories of the treat rushed back to her head. At this point the new gluttonous side of the soldier took over and immediately wanted it.

"That.... sounds like a great idea," Lightning said, all thoughts of weight gain, weight loss and ripped clothes leaving her mind.
Lightning practically drooled at the sight of the ice cream treat Serah had made for her, filled as it was with five scoops of ice cream with three more scoops on top of that, whipped cream, hot fudge, and chocolate chips. Serah had made one for herself but it was quite a bit smaller than Lightning's.

Still, Lightning didn't notice as she dug in, quickly shoveling it into her mouth. Serah chuckled inwardly at the sight of Lightning eating like a pig.
A pig... Yes, her fat sister was quite the pig these days, and Serah would make sure she'd never lose the weight. Finishing the ice cream twenty minutes later, Lightning sank back on the kitchen stool and let loose a big belch, blushing a bit as she was done.

Serah patted Lightning's stomach and smiled.

"Sounds like you enjoyed it!"

Lightning nodded and noticed that Serah had barely eaten hers. Would it be too rude to ask for Serah's ice cream as well?
Deciding her stomach was more important than manners, Lightning put on her best pouty face and asked, "Sis, if you aren't going to finish that I would be more-"

She was cut off as Serah pushed the ice cream her way. "Take it! I just want you to be happy Light," Serah said a smile on her face. Watching as Lightning dug into the ice cream, Serah just couldn't believe her luck. Lightning had completely forgotten about losing weight and seemed to be hungrier than ever! Still though, Serah wondered how Lightning's expanding frame was affecting her job. Lightning was a soldier and did a lot of field duty. Would she now be demoted to nothing but paperwork now? Serah secretly hoped so. That meant Lightning would be doing nothing but sitting on her ass, hopefully eating more and more and getting fatter.

Serah tried to size up Lightning while she sat in front of her, busy stuffing her face. Everything about Lightning was big now. Serah had to ballpark she was at least 190 pounds? Give or take a few at least. Definitely much more than the skinny 120 she used to be. Even though Serah had been getting what she wanted, she found it hard to stop fattening up her sister. It had become almost an obsession at this point. As Lightning was finishing up the last of her second ice cream supreme, thoughts of an even fatter Lightning and more ways to get her to gain were swirling around Serah's head.
* * *
Commander Amodar was grateful that Farron had gained weight, not wanting her out in the field these days. She had saved the world after all and he thought she needed a break. So, as he watched Lightning sweat to complete just a single lap around the track, he called her to his office. She entered, a bit nervous, and saluted, her fattened form jostling as she did so.

"Sir!" she said with a stern salute only she could give

"At ease, Farron. As you are aware, the Corps requires a certain amount of fitness from outfield operatives and since you are a bit below that requirement, we feel that it would be best for you to transfer to paperwork. You'll still be making a valuable contribution to the Corps and have plenty of donuts and other meals throughout the day."

Lightning was torn. She loved to fight yet the donuts did sound tempting. It was a war between her muscles and belly and, in the end, her belly won.

"Alright sir, but I would like to return to the field at a later date."

"If you can meet the fitness requirement I will allow it. Now let me show you to your new desk," Amodar said as he held open the door for his favorite solider.
As Lightning followed Amodar down the hall to what would be her new office, she felt the eyes of other guardian members sizing her up, taking in the amount of weight she had put on. The last day she had decided to bite the bullet and buy some new clothes as she couldn't go to work in nothing but her slowly shrinking underwear. So she and Serah went shopping for all manner of outfits. The Guardian Corp had no official dress code for soldiers who were working in the office she remembered, which made it easier to buy clothes. It was only a requirement for those on field duty. Because of this, today she had chosen to wear a tight black shirt that showed off her large gut and massive breasts. It was sleeveless as well so her thick arms were on display for all to see. Farther down Lightning had chosen to go with a pair of jeans that hugged her huge ass and helped it bounce and jiggle slightly as she moved around. Her fatter thighs rubbed together, the friction a new sensation that she was still getting use to. A small muffintop spilled over the waist of her pants and was easily seen through the shirt.

"Well here you go Farron! A new office all to yourself!" Amodar said as he opened a door to a nice little room. In the middle was a sizable desk with a nice computer and what appeared to be a very comfortable computer chair, just begging for her big butt to sit on it. Other than that it was pretty bare in the office, a fact Lightning took note of.

"Decoration is up to you Farron. Also donuts are in the break room!" Amodar said as if reading Lightning's mind. After he had left Lightning proceeded to the break room to partake in these donuts she had heard so much about. Taking a bite out of one made her hooked instantly and, making sure no one was looking, she grabbed the box and rushed to her new office. Sitting down in the office chair she noticed it was quite tight around her hips and ass, but didn't think much of it. She then began doing her desk duties, all the while devouring donut after donut.
Several dull, paper work filled hours later, Lightning went to reach for another donut and to her surprise found the box empty. Immediately she grabbed the box and looked desperately as if by staring hard enough more donuts would magically appear. Nothing but crumbs remained however and Lightning's new fat girl appetite needed more donuts, nay demanded more donuts. Rushing to go, Lightning got up and left her office.... at least that's what she had planned on doing.

However her massive rear end had proven much too big for the tiny chair. When Lightning tried to stand up, she found the chair joining her.

"Huh?" Lightning said as she looked at her situation. Parts of her fat ass and thighs were poking out in the space created by the computer chairs armrests. Lightning proceeded to poke at her fat and then began to pull the chair with all her might. As much as she tugged and tugged, her wide hips weren't leaving the chair.

"Okay Light, don't panic. This is a chair on wheels. Which means that I can just wheel myself to more donuts!" she thought as the solution to her problem. It was a testament to Lightning's newfound gluttony that instead of focusing on getting her big bum out of her too small chair, she instead was concerned with how to get more donuts. Wheeling herself over to her office door, she quickly glanced out to make sure no one was there. While it wasn't terribly embarrassing as it wasn't too obvious that she was stuck in a chair, she still would rather get the donuts and get back unnoticed.

Seeing that the coast was clear she quickly wheeled herself to the break room, grabbed a box then quickly turned around to get another one (just in case) and quickly wheeled herself back. She made it into her office with two boxes filled with donuts all for her and no one was the wiser. However this small excursion really proved how out of shape Lightning had become. She was panting and sweating, pulling at her tight shirt to cool herself down. She thought how easy that would have been to do when she was thinner since she wouldn't have been stuck in a chair firstly, and secondly she used to be able to run miles and miles without tiring herself. Now the new fatter Lightning broke a sweat just wheeling herself around the building, even though the chair did most of the work for her. Her weight doubts began to resurface but the smell of donuts squashed them back down as Lightning rolled herself back to her desk in order to finish her paperwork.... and also to help herself to more donuts.
More time went on and more donuts went into Lightning's mouth until all the donuts were once again all gone and it was time to leave for the night. Lightning had not only managed to eat 3 full boxes of donuts all by herself but she had yet to get unstuck from her chair. Thankfully no one had needed her for anything short of a few phone calls so she was able to worry about the problem later. Later had come now though and she needed to think of solution and fast.

Standing up with the chair still stuck to her hefty butt she tried once more with all her strength to separate her rear from the chair. She pulled and pulled, almost to the point of breaking out into a sweat again. Sitting back down she realized she was good and stuck.

"All because of my huge ass..." she thought mournfully as she put her hand on her wide hip, the denim covered fat sticking out of the armrest hole. Just as she was about to get up and try again, her door opened up. It was Amodar.

"Hey Farron we're closing up shop for the night!" He said as Lightning quickly went back to her computer, faking doing more work.

"I've still got some more files to finish up chief. If it's alright with you, I'm going to stay for a bit and finish it up," Lightning said hoping Amodar didn't see through her lie or the fact that she was stuck in an office chair.

"Suit yourself kiddo. Just remember to make sure everything is locked up when you leave," The Chief said as he turned to leave. Once she was sure he was out of site, Lightning wiped her forehead.

That was close, Lightning thought. Happy she had avoided more embarrassment, she quickly turned her attention back to her predicament. She realized she was going to need some help out of this one.

* * *

Serah wasn't sure why Lightning called but she sounded worried and didn't explain a whole lot on the phone. Waking up Snow she asked if he could come with her to get Lightning. Snow obliged and didn't bother asking any questions. His wife and sister-in-law needed help and that was good enough for him. Quickly throwing on some clothes, the two hopped into Snow's car and sped off to the Guardian Corp headquarters. As they made their way to Light's office the sight that greeted them there was hilarious to say the least.
Serah openly giggled while Snow remained neutral about the sight before him though inwardly he was laughing like crazy.

Lightning had tried to exit out the door, in hopes that the doorway would trap the chair but free her. What she hadn't counted on was her fat butt stopping her progress and, thanks to that, she was now doubly stuck.

"It's not funny!" Lightning roared. "Snow, come and help me!"

Snow walked up to Lightning and pulled, breaking the chair and sending the pudgy Lightning flying out and landing on top of Snow. Snow's face was being smothered by Lightning's fat breasts, something he wasn't sure he should be afraid of or enjoy. Finally Lightning go to her feet, albeit not so easily, to be met by a hug from Serah.

"Problem solved! Now are you hungry Light?"

As Snow got to his feet, he noticed the somewhat mad look in his wife's eyes. It was unusual to say the least and he decided to keep an eye on it. It definitely was very out of character for Serah and while it didn't concern Snow too much yet he still wanted to pay attention to it. They all headed to Snow's car with the girls in front and Snow following behind. Being the red-blooded male he was he couldn't help but stare at the fat rumps bouncing around in front of him. Lightning's jeans looked about ready to bust open at the seams, her rear was moving around so much. It was hard to remember her as anything but fat now, it had been so long since she was thin.

Turning his gaze to his wife, her butt, while not as big as Lightning's, was still quite big and clearly outlined in her pajama pants. It too was bouncing around slightly. The Farron sister's sure had been packing on the pounds as of late and Snow didn't think about it except for a passing observation now and then. He loved Serah at any size, and honestly her larger form was sexy to him. Lightning's fattened form was just more food for thought.

Soon enough they were back at their house and Serah insisted on Lightning's staying and having a meal with her. Lightning tried several times to refuse, the chair incident re-sparking her desire to shed her weight but Serah was persistent.

"Come on Light, just a small snack? and please stay the night! I never get to see you anymore!" Serah exclaimed. Lightning knew this was a flat out lie. Serah didn't know the meaning of small snack and Lightning was here practically every day! Lightning eventually broke down and said she would stay. Serah went and got some spare pajamas while Snow went back to bed.

The pajama's Serah got for Lightning did absolutely nothing in terms of coverage. They must have been from when Serah was much thinner. The top covered only her huge breasts, leaving her plump gut completely exposed. The sleeves also were slightly constricting on her arms. As for the shorts, they were more like a second pair of underpants. They hugged Light's huge ass so much that they exposed the bottom of her buttcheeks and had started to ride up her crack. Turning to complain to Serah she was met by an empty room. Heading to the kitchen Lightning was shocked at the sight in from of her.
There was gelato ice cream, regular ice cream, pudding, donuts, crullers, pies, cakes, and various other desserts on the table, said table groaning under the weight of it all and Lightning felt her stomach rumble at the sight.


Lightning nodded and sat down, soon shoveling some ice cream down her throat while Serah watched and helped herself to a little bit. The majority of this food would wind up in her sister, fattening her up even more. Lightning was oblivious as she ate her fill, clearing nearly half the desserts from the table and quite stuffed by the end.

"Oh, poor Claire, let me rub your belly for you," Serah said, moving to sit beside her full sister.

Lightning could only groan as Serah's fingers dug into her stomach, rubbing slowly and gently, pressing now and then into the flesh.


Lightning blushed but Serah only patted her belly.

"That's good Claire. It'll help!"

Lightning blushed deeper but nodded, letting loose another tremendous belch.

Serah playfully fanned in front of her nose and made a face.

"What have you been eating Claire?" she said jokingly, as she had known exactly all that Lightning had been eating. Lighting's embarrassment was almost as much fun as fattening her up, Serah decided as she finished the belly rub.

"Well, I don't want to keep you. Why don't you go back to bed?"
As if completely forgetting how her fat butt was stuck in a chair or that she had eaten enough donuts for a small office, Lightning declined to leave and insisted on eating everything in sight. Once again her thoughts of weight loss were suppressed by her gluttonous behavior. More and more treats disappeared into her mouth until finally, in a food induced coma, she fell onto the couch and fell fast asleep.

Serah of course was delighted by all this. Lightning was getting so fat now and didn't show any signs of stopping! She made her way upstairs, slid into bed next to Snow and fell asleep with a content grin on her face.

* * *

The next morning Lightning woke up and felt as if she had been hit by a bus. Trying hard to remember the events of yesterday, everything came flooding back into her mind. The incident with the chair, the donuts, and the huge dessert feast she had right before falling asleep. She looked down at her exposed belly and pushed on it, a feeling of relief and disgust washing over her as the hand sunk into the fat. She was relieved she wasn't stuffed anymore but she couldn't believe how fat she was getting. She had to put a stop to this before it got too out of hand. Getting up to head to the kitchen, she was greeted by her sister preparing food.

"Oh sorry none of it is ready yet sis but stick around and I'll get it as quick as I can," Serah said excitedly but Lightning had no intention of staying.

"Sorry Serah but I got to get going. I.. er... have a lot to get done today," Lightning said vaguely hoping it would be enough for Serah to let her leave. Although Serah appeared crestfallen at first, she soon had a grin on her face.

"Well okay then Lightning. Hope you have a good day. I'll see you for dinner tonight?" Serah asked. Without even thinking Lightning responded yes and headed for the door, completely forgetting how scantily clad she was dressed. Thankfully she was oblivious to the looks she was getting or she might not have made it home without hurting someone.
Making it to her house, Lightning bounded up the stairs, red-faced and panting. The long walk to her place, while good exercise, was murder to her. She was too fat and out of shape to be walking long distances but the thought of getting much fatter spurred a new resolve in her. Going up to her bedroom she passed her full length mirror and nearly fell over. She had completely forgotten that she was clad in the skimpiest attire imaginable, clothes that left her fat body on complete display for the world.

Groaning with embarrassment over what she had done, she stripped down to her underwear (which was getting smaller and tighter everyday it seemed) and proceeded to look for some workout clothes. Deep, deep in the recesses of her closet was an old workout uniform that she wore when she was at her thinnest. The thought of getting into the outfit was ridiculous but it still occurred to her. Glancing at the tiny workout outfit she figured it was worth a shot.

Starting with the top she miraculously was able to get it over her giant boobs. Of course it constricted her boobs way more than she would have liked but because Lightning was made of sterner stuff used it as motivation to work out harder and have her boobs go down a few sizes. The top did nothing to cover her flabby gut but she didn't care. More motivation she thought.

Now for the tight shorts. Lightning put her legs through the holes and began to pull up. Immediately on reaching her thighs the shorts stopped completely. Pulling harder the shorts began to move until....


Lightning had ripped the short clean in half. Huffing angrily to herself, she headed to her computer to get a newer, larger pair. Thanks to the instantaneous shopping system, she received the shorts immediately. Pulling them up over her pudgy lower half went smoothly, although the shorts hugged her bottom, promoting its size to the world. Determined to get back into proper shape, Lightning headed out.

* * *

Lightning pounded her way up the steps to her house. How she had made it back alive was a complete shock to her. She was panting and wheezing and just wanted to lie down. She was proud of herself though. These were the signs of a good workout! Going inside she proceeded to crash on the couch but curiosity got the better of her. She wanted to weigh herself, see just how large she had become. Heading upstairs took every last ounce of strength left but soon she was in her bathroom and stepping on the scale. Closing her eyes she was afraid to read the numbers.

Mustering up her courage Lightning glanced at the scale, bending over slightly so as to see over her belly and boobs. The number nearly shocked Lightning: 220 pounds the digital scale read. She was huge! A blimp! Grade-A fatass! Completely crushed, losing weight seemed hopeless to her now. Lightning went down to her kitchen and proceeded to order food through the computer, deciding that eating was the only thing to console her at this point. She proceeded to then go on a food binge of extreme proportions, eating more and more, constantly replacing any food that had disappeared with something else. Everything was fattening but that meant that it was also extremely tasty too. Eventually stuffed to the brim with all manner of treats, she fell into a deep, food induced sleep.

* * *

It had been some time since that fateful binge. Lightning had proceeded to get heavier, eventually capping out at 260 pounds. Her face now adorned with a permanent double chin, boobs that were big enough to warrant custom order bra's, a big, pudgy belly that was always hungry it seemed, and a huge ass, one that required a special office chair. In her office, wearing a larger version of her old uniform, she was pouring over paperwork. A box of donuts was within reach, her hand constantly grabbing for one. This routine however was interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Come in!" she said as she finished the last of her donut. It was her sister Serah. Another thing that had happened between then and now was Lightning had finally confronted Serah about her fattening desires. The two talked for a long while, discussing this that and the other. In the end Serah went to get help, realizing the pain she had been causing her sister. Of course the damage had been done and Lightning's waistline would never be the same. She had accepted the life of a fat girl however and forgave her sister for everything. It seemed like an important part of the healing process and Serrah was only doing it to make them happy. Now back in the office Lightning met her sister's gaze with the biggest of smiles and offered the box to her.

"Donut?" she said.
Okay it's time for another story kiddos! So gather 'round as I tell ya the tale of how Lightning Farron gets nice and fat!

In all seriousness though here is a new story centering around Lightning from FFXIII gaining weight, no small thanks to her sister who also has some pudge added to her frame.

I must also add that I had some help with this story from another author who wishes to remain anonymous. I also have another Lightning weight gain story in the works, one with no connection to this one. Unfortunately it's been stuck in limbo for a while but I'm going to try and go back and finish it here soon. So with all that said, sit back and, hopefully, enjoy this nice collab. story.

Edit: Made some small grammatical changes and fixed other errors. Editing, my one weakness! Probably should go through my other stories for errors as well >>
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Forcedlactationlover Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2011  Hobbyist Writer

As to the editing, I seldom re-examine any of my stories, especially the recent ones, without finding something I want, or, more importantly, need, to change. Keep at it.
May the pond keep rippling!
RippleInaPond Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2011
Thank You! I definitely have improved my editing skills over the years but of course no is perfect :)
Izlude13 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2011
Quite the enjoyable read, I liked how everything turned out. Nice Work! ^^
TheSaltiestPyro Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2011
Sorry for all the wait to talk to you, but I've been a bit busy. Anyways, nice to see your work doing well on the deviantarts.
RippleInaPond Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2011
Thank you! :D
Wontknowwonthurtyou Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2011
lol, not a bad story at all.
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